In other words, installer beware. They insulted her on another segment, she didnt even bring it up, then they reference it like Carly shouldnt be so easily offended! Facebook enables them to do that. referrals are something us common folk depend on to cut through and filter out some of the BS out there. 0 By 318drexel, Nov 02, I just watched the interview with Kellyanne Conway and its unbelievable that the top executives of "The View" and ABC sit back and watch Whoopi treat guests like garbage when they dont share her viewpoint! The site promotes the feature as an easy way of identifying what you are listening to or watching, to make it easier and quicker to post about whatevers going on.

I also hope for you, that someday youll have people you cherish so much that youll be thrilled to see their photos. I will never watch The View as long as Whoopi and Joy are hosts. 1. People find it much easier to just fling insults at each other behind screens instead of acting mature and talking it out in person. Suffice it to say, you probably wont have a day in court with Facebook. Stories of bullying that lead to people taking their own lives, divorces due to risqu images people were tagged in and has no doubt led to thousands of punches in the face due to status updates people took offense too. You did a much better job than i would have. Almost everyone in the new generation is using Facebook for the wrong reasons and some of them are even illegal but most of them just dont care what happens cause teenagers think there immortal when it comes to Facebook. A guy had started his comment of dislike of certain topic, get a wall of criticism he had it coming. While Facebook brings people closer, it also shoves them away because of the abstract amount of fighting and drama associated with it. It captures our entire lives and gives this information to a publicly listed US company, and 1billion people are cool with that! I like pages, and I want to see them. They will probably handle it better than FB – will be tough to handle it worse.

I used to always say, if you mess up a post, dont worry no one will remember it in an hour. 2. So why should the internet be any different? Debate. Thats 4,000 photos uploaded every second and around 4 per cent of all photos ever taken, according to a study by Nokia. She says all she does for ratings! Time to vent a bit.  FB is not something you have to rush through. Submit The advantages of Facebook or youth far outweigh any disadvantages in terms of relationships, work, current events, and occupations.

FBs business model runs counter to its primary product offering. In summarization, we should take ourselves off of Facebook because of cyber bullying, it tries to get you to buy things, and because of privacy matters. I now know how it must feel to be a celebrity ! The implications of having your true identity on Facebook could have major repercussions in the future. Ben Arnold (AnaEzine) email: Facebook God: On Twitter its subject matter. Or get for that matter . Edgerank is a useless algorithm:

And people thought the CMO must be out of his mind . Also, if you think I misunderstood something, please correct me. This show and most of the hosts have turned into ugly, spewing retches. You state that FB is not something you have to rush through. What does this say for your network? Kind of like trying to make fun of a comedian at a comedy club when they have a microphone and youre drunk – youre gonna get your ass handed to you and end up with 3 million views on YouTube, so dont do it. Hell phones dont even ring anymore You get a text. UPDATE March 28, : If someone likes my facebook business page and requests full activity, that might be worth a buck per subscriber per year to me, or maybe a penny, I dont know what the figure would be, maybe nobody does if it has not been tried before. Now, I can edit the content of the post for grammar corrections, typos, and rephrase the spout offs I immediately regret. Sincerely, Ann C. What do you think? CHNL is your new browser to your networks and allows fans to discover content through social curation. Takes advantage of human weaknesses Human beings have this weakness where they just want to feel liked and famous no matter the price, they want their pictures and posts to get "likes" and they spend countless hours there browsing through pictures and useless posts and hoping to get noticed and get invitations to be friends from people theyre attracted to.

But you might not send them your latest awardwinning idea. No innovation in brand engagement. I think there are many other ways they can get revenue from brands and even from reg users without making them feel tricked and without ruining the user experience. But this overcomplication via algorithm and not knowing why people use their site ( feel free to say right here that of course FB knows how people use their site better than I do. What does this say for your network? First is the recent issue you have pointed out relating to FB having you build your likes and now charging brands to push content to the likes they have worked so hard to acquire.  Thats how smart the algorithm is. They need to be removed asap. ) To get the full picture of this story, its definitely worth checking out both the Facebook account and IndieGogo page where you can see the exact conversations and details about it all. You did a much better job than i would have. BiPartisanship is something we need not just in Washington but everyday culture, truly.

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(Notice how you were bombarded with opposing view ads just to get you goin? She is a very mean, rude and angry women.

You can advertise on there through creating a page, and keeping your customers updated. Where is the balance? What does one have to do with the other? Do you have anything to add? A wild frontier of anonymity where trolls roam free to publicly shame and bully people, spew hateful messages and just generally be dicks to one another.

Pathetic. Despite having nearly three hundred thousand followers on the service hes only tweeted 19 times once in and the rest in . A single, individual user account Along the same lines, every user account is supposed to be tied to an individual person, not a group:

5 By Ford, Nov 03, I realize this is not a news show, because if it were it would be skewed so far to one side youd never be able to see the other side of life. Facebook Friends Rankings Have you ever wondered how Facebook orders your search results?