Nuova Strategia Di Comunicazione Per Fmi Spa
Business is running every day faster and we have to be ready to catch, together, all the opportunities coming from the market. The only way to define the best strategies to face the challenges is to predict the anticipate the changes of the market.

We don’t have a magic stick, we just undertake this take in a analytic and pragmatical way.

For this reason we have selected a Marketing and Communication Agency to assist and support us during the planning and development of all the activities that we will put on place in the incoming months.

We value this new way of communication with strategic importance.


The new strategy includes all the way of comunication 1.0 and 2.0

Article marketing, SEO, SEM, Newsletter, Press office and link building are all the activities scheduled. We are investing huge resources to rethink, plan and improve our communication level primarly in favour of our  sales network. Their business is our business too.

Our inention is to start and keep alive a productive dialogue with our customers and distributors, not only talking about our news and events but also trying to provide usefull information, to become every day more a point of reference and a source of help for them.

FMI is an italian company specialised in the processing of ptfe, graphite and the main asbestos free materials used for the production of gasketing materials, gaskets and semi-finished products with high technical value.

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