Adguard Premium v2

Adguard Premium v2

Adguard Premium RC (block ads without root)

Requirements: Android +

Blocks ads without roots

Adguard provides secure and manageable protection, which filters out filters at once and without your participation. Adguard removes annoying ads blocking the loading of dangerous sites and allows you to track any of your online activities.

When web processing runs adguard several things at once:

۱. Removes ads and online sledenjedirektno code for the page.

۲.Checked a pageAgainst our database of phishing and malicious websites.

۳. Approved applications downloaded from unknown sources.

What’s New:

Added Exceptions # 673

The termination of license # 606

Block ads from message app # 711 affected

At home

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Adguardnudisofort reliable and manageable protection and without your participationWith loading places. Adguard removes annoying ads blocking the loading of dangerous websites and allows it to track everyone’s internet activities.


– Comfort and safety

-You will be surprised how much more convenient and secure over the internet after you install Adguard.

– Adguard for Windows

– A brief list of the main changes: silnanamaluvanje store usage, the introduction of practical adding new ad filters, the integrationWith WOT is now separated, additional supportFor new browsers, fixed conflicts with common programs and errors in applications processing and more.

– Reduction of storage usage

– We have to optimize the storage usage significantly. Well, even if you use anAlte PC or Thin Netbook adguard will run without vashebaven device in the background. We compared memory requirements with one of the previous version. And we must say, the result is several timeslower.

– Other display filters

– In addition AdGuard is still comprehensive program done. Users can now install filter screen. What does that mean? In addition to the filters that are installed by default in Adguard, you can add a third party, for example. As a list of filters, the adguard, ads raznida allows block segments of web pages in different languages. All this can be easily done directly in the program by selecting a filterAnd click the “Add Selected” button.

– A possible danger

– Integration with Web of Trust is now brought in a separate extension that can be turned off. And a warning when you visit suspicious website is changed. With our wot adguard, vednashda can learn about the reputation of websites and the reasons why the site is classified as suspicious. Categories Doubt can be particularly: fraud, possibly illegal, false claims orUnethical, bad customer experience, risks to privacy and others.


۱) Unpack and install

۲. Close and copy the patch to the installation directory

۳. Run as an administrator patch

۴. Stains and wait until the end

۵. Done.

Adguard Premium v2