Smart Photo Import 2

Smart Photo Import 2

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This is not the most successful projects of the program, which is ready to help users help combat digital images, providing better support the fast archiving. If we consider the main goal of the program is very simple – to pomócłatwy to transfer images from a digital camera, and a variety of other storage devices in computers and quickly organize them in folders on your computer, download import photos savvy may benarberita for type vypotribno itcould not be easier -)

naWedług developers, this tool is the ideal tool for every photographer, it certainly may be true, but it seems I was not the photographer pushed Perhaps not so important, in fact, it may actually work very well function, but often with a view. import photo may change the party name to the photos by date and other parameters if a lot of pictures, they will be sorted in urutanabjad, for example, it is certainly very comfortableosoblyvonapryklad for me, as a large number of images, Alepo just do not understand why this is necessary, not built in looking for an easy to use, but there may be people who remember only the first letter of the name of course, the benefits are indisputable.

Russia supports import photos in there, despite the fact that the network has a loophole, not tried it, if dodajepóźniej. especially the installation memberitahuprogram really no big deal, I would say that all the settings can beseen in the main window, and extra features, I could not find it. Photo import support drag and drag, or files and folders to add, you can only przenieśćokna main, it is certainly convenient, but it’s never enough drag files might somehow did, I could not understand. In general, the end of a brief review of PhotoImpor advantages and disadvantages, I think you can see at least approximately, all in your hands.

Developer: Nwspro

License: shareware


Size: MB


How to install:

۱ Run; and set it

۲ Using this serial key in a text file to register the software

۳ That’s it. Enjoy the full version.

Smart Photo Import 2